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Automatically detect pen diameter (8mm & 3mm) and write simultaneously with different colours and thicknesses.


irroring any content up to 1080p
•Compatible over wireless and wired networks
•Compatible with Windows/Mac/iOS/Android/Chrome devices
•Simultaneous multi-mirroring on ViewBoard®’s split screen
•Moderator mode on ViewBoard® to preview, annotate & save, and broadcast
•Touch feedback remote control for Windows/Mac device
•Built-in annotation toolbar for iOS/Android mobile devices

My viewboard

We build so that you can create. Our digital whiteboard offers educators and professionals like you the best interactive experience with an easy-to-use platform. Prepare, present, and participate. And as new challenges arise, our diverse team of curious and creative people work together and support each other to build new solutions.

حتى تتمكن من الإبداع. تقدم السبورة البيضاء الرقمية الخاصة بنا للمعلمين والمهنيين مثلك أفضل تجربة تفاعلية مع منصة سهلة الاستخدام. التحضير والتقديم والمشاركة. ومع ظهور تحديات جديدة ، يعمل فريقنا المتنوع من الأشخاص المبدعين معًا ويدعمون بعضهم البعض لبناء حلول جديدة.


IFP6530 ViewBoard®️ 65'' 4K Interactive Display

UFT (Ultra Fine Touch) Technology myViewBoard™ digital whiteboard software Dual-pen writing with 3mm/8mm diameter pen tips Ambient Light Sensor ENERGY STAR®️ certified


IFP6530 DataSheet

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